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Satisfying Her Curiosity

Posted on: July 25, 2016
Satisfying Her Curiosity

Lives: Chicago, Illinois; Occupation: Office worker; Age: 23; Born: August 16; Ht: 5'3"; Wt: 125 lbs.; Bras: 34B; Panties: Usually commando; Anal: No way! BJs: Always swallow; Diddle: 2-3 times a week.

"An ex-boyfriend--two back--often had me watch videos on this site with him," said Farrah. "I enjoyed them, and when we broke up and I started dating another guy, I introduced him to the site. I soon found that whenever I was getting myself off, I was imagining what it must be like to fuck a well-hung stud. So, when this latest guy dumped me, I decided to satisfy my curiosity, and here I am. Did the experience live up to my expectations? Fuck yeah!"

Satisfying Her Curiosity

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Maloree Marlee - They're pussy pals

Posted on: July 22, 2016
They're pussy pals

Maloree (in the purple top) and Erica (orange top) are 18-year-old students from Boca Raton, Florida. They call themselves part-time lesbians because they only get it on with each other, and most of the time they're more interested in having their beavers filled with cock. "Sometimes we go a month without getting together, other times it's a week," said Erica. "We like to go on double dates and that includes ending up together in the same room with the guys when we're fooling around so we can hear and watch each other. So far we've not suggested swapping partners or gotten together to put on a show for the guys to watch, but we're sure going to do both when the time is right and we think that our dates will be up for it. That's gonna be one helluva wild night!" Check out the photos as well.

They're pussy pals

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Shaving time

Posted on: July 20, 2016
Shaving time

Lives: Everett, Washington; Occupation: Student; Age: 19; Born: August 26; Ht: 5'9"; Wt: 138 pounds; Bras: 36A; Panties: Sexy lace; Anal: Sometimes; BJs: Like the taste of spunk; Diddle: 2-3 times a month.

"Point any kind of camera at me and I'll do something," said Tori. "But it's only in the past few months that 'something' means taking off my clothes and putting on a nudie show. I love being the center of attention, flirting with guys and having them come on to me. It actually gets my vagina wet! So shaving my pubes for tons of guys all over the world to look at and, hopefully, get off to is super-exciting. Check out the photos as well.

Shaving time

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Holly Claus - Holly Claus Is Cummin' To Town

Posted on: July 18, 2016
Holly Claus Is Cummin' To Town

Meet Holly Claus and prepare to jack. She is cummin' to town and she is a powerhouse of superheated, down and dirty raunch. She is the kind of girl who does no-holes-barred filthy fuckin' porn, the kind men love to watch. As Woody Allen once said, "Sex is only dirty if you're doing it right."

Holly is from Key West (we're practically neighbors) and she appeared out of nowhere, like a genie suddenly popping out of a bottle. A local photographer who shoots pictures in south Florida strip clubs told us about her and then Holly made her way here after seeing our model page online ( and applying.

Holly is a stripper ("Most fun job I've ever had," says Holly.) and masturbates in bed as a webcam model. Now she's on her way to porn star-land.

She loves to spit and drool over a man's junk and take it hard in her pussy and asshole in every fucking position in the playbook. What is sexy to Holly? "A hard cock," is her short reply. "I like to fuck whenever the opportunity presents itself."

Holly likes guys who are younger than she is. "Young guys are very well boned-up on Internet porn. They know exactly what they are doing."

Holly has four rings by her beaver, two on either side of her labia, and she has a barbell through her clit hood. The sure sign of a mega-sexual chick. Yet she has no tats anywhere, not even the usual tribal band on the ankle or upper arm. No nipple or tongue piercings either.

Now prepare to see Holly in ass-play, face-fucking, deep-throating, beaver and butthole dicking, facials and cum eating. She really enjoys what she's doing. The only change for her is being recorded doing all this dirty stuff. Keep the fire extinguisher nearby in case your pants catch on fire.

Welcome to the big show, Holly Claus.

Holly Claus Is Cummin' To Town

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Pheona Monroe - Coat My Throat

Posted on: July 15, 2016
Coat My Throat

Some girls are all talk and no action. Pheona Monroe is the exact opposite. She's all action and no talk. She would rather apply her lips to her nipples and then onto her date's cock and balls than talk. Then pull her pants and top down frantically to get down to business. Pheona gets on her knees, ass up, so Levi can finger-bang her and wet that pink cooch-hole up. Still on her knees, partially clothed, Pheona gets fed cock. Her deep-throating technique is displayed immediately as she gets down to the root, all of his shaft down her throat. She gets on her back so he can fuck her face. Pheona spreads out on the bed and opens her legs. Levi repays her with head, licking her cooch and getting her even wetter. Now at the point of no return, he begins fucking Pheona hard sideways and that's for starters. The pounding has only begun. Welcome a new hot chick, Pheona Monroe.

Coat My Throat

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An Apple A Day

Posted on: July 13, 2016
An Apple A Day

You may be wondering why Lola, a recent, very nice arrival to SCORELAND, is getting into a bathtub full of green apples in the opener of her new video. You'll find out when you watch it because Lola swore us to secrecy. Apples are the last fruits that come to mind with a girl like Lola. Melons are more like it and Lola's huge pair are very ripe and ready! The last time Lola appeared, she drew several props from those who recognize talent, among them Basenji1, who will be pleased to see her back again. "Very beautiful," was his complimentary remark. "She has the full package. She ranks along with Arianna Sinn." That comparison to Arianna's body and face is high praise for this Czech mate. Lola definitely has the goodies to make it big. Whether Lola climbs as high as our bosom buddy Arianna is up to her.

An Apple A Day

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Angelina Castro - SCOREtv Uncut & Uncensored

Posted on: July 12, 2016
SCOREtv Uncut & Uncensored

Angelina Castro and Kelly Christiansen wait in the green room for SCOREtv to start. What do hot chicks do when they're waiting for the show to start? That's right, they flip through SCORE magazine and check out the other girls. Angelina and Kelly talk boobs and check out each other's hooters, hands-on, of course. They hurriedly readjust when Angelina is called. Her chair on the SCOREtv set is ready for her hot Cuban ass. Host Dave greets her and they get into a brief chat about big boobs and big asses, mainly Angelina's big boobs and big ass. Dave runs clips from Angelina's wild and nasty anal fuck scene so she can provide the color commentary and give us the blow-by-blows while she keeps adjusting the strapless mini-dress that keeps sliding down her super-sexy body. Now that we've seen the clips of Angelina taking a railing and heard her commentary (how many times does a girl watch her video within a video?), it's time to wrap up this segment of SCOREtv and go to the full scene, another nut-busting showtopper from Miami's Latina queen of cream, Angelina Castro, a super-girl who makes Sofia Vergara look like a nun. It's SCOREtv Uncut & Uncensored with Angelina unchained!

SCOREtv Uncut & Uncensored

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Stockings Stuffed

Posted on: July 11, 2016
Stockings Stuffed

All good girls get their stockings stuffed with goodies, and no one knows that better than Leena Lane. She shows you her beautiful legs and spanks herself for good measure. She prances and preens in her sheer and shiny pantyhose in front of the fireplace, and then unwraps herself, so you can watch her suck her toes. It's a very merry time with leggy Leena and she wants to make sure that when you watch her, it's not a lump of coal in your pocket that's causing the bulge in your pants.

Stockings Stuffed

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Mimi Moore - Teacher, teacher, teach me love!

Posted on: July 07, 2016
Teacher, teacher, teach me love!

"I always try to be a classic sexy beauty," Mimi Moore said when we asked her how she dresses when she's out and about. In this video, Mimi isn't out and about. She's a teacher in a classroom, and although she looks classy and sexy, underneath she's wearing a bra that shelves her C-cup tits beautifully and thong panties. In other words, she's dressed underneath exactly how you fantasized that hot teacher in high school was dressed underneath.

Mimi is a 47-year-old divorcee who was born in Texas and lives in California, where she's the mother of a 17-year-old daughter. The daughter's male friends seem to be hanging around the house a lot, and can you blame them? It's good to know that today's high school boys know to appreciate sexy older women.

"I like younger men and older men," Mimi said. "When I was 40, my 25-year-old boyfriend and I once did it in a treehouse."

Mimi says that's the youngest guy she's fucked since she became a mature woman. Tony, the guy she's having sex with in this video (her first-ever hardcore video), is 46. Which was fine with Mimi. She likes men of all ages.

A little more about Mimi: She used to play basketball and swim. She loves baseball. She enjoys art and architecture. She says her perfect day would be "sitting by the pool sipping cocktails." She has worked as a banker, a bookkeeper and a retail saleswoman. She's not a swinger, but she's open to the possibility. She says she's not a "full nudist. But I don't mind walking around my house naked."

Now that's a nice thought to keep in mind.

Teacher, teacher, teach me love!

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Ana Adams - Sitting on a Pole

Posted on: July 06, 2016
Sitting on a Pole

Ana's favorite place to be is on top of a cock. She likes to be in control, and when you're looking up at her pretty face as she's grinding on your crotch, you're glad to surrender control. Her cunt is smooth, soft and tight, just like the rest of her body, and she knows how to work it. Watch her ride this guy until his nut sauce explodes all over her nubile body.

Sitting on a Pole

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Posted on: July 04, 2016

A couple of girl watchers are in a truck when they see a woman trudging through an empty lot. She's unrecognizable in her construction worker's clothing. "Look at the tits on that girl!" one of the guys hollers. "That construction dyke?" his buddy retorts. "What are you talking about?" Never, ever judge a book by its cover or a woman by her clothes. Little does that pessimistic dude know that this is the one and only Renee Ross and that an amazing transformation from laborer to sex bomb will begin when she gets home. In the privacy of her apartment, Renee will be doing things that these two suckers can only fantasize about seeing. In her bedroom and in her shower, Renee is totally hottie-ing herself up in sexy ways that would inspire them to jack like jackhammer operators. What a fuckin' bod this lady has! Will Mr. Positive get a dream date with this ultra-voluptuous goddess? Play the vid and see. "Men are more shocked by my boobs than anything else," Renee has told us. "That usually means that they stare, but they never come up and say something to me. That's a shame because I like to be pampered. I like a guy who will pay attention to me and treat me like a lady. I like to go out to dinner. I love to go out dancing. I even like to go out on dates and shop. I am a very laid-back kind of woman." And that's one of the many reasons the followers of XLGirls love Renee Ross.


See More of Renee Ross at SCOREHD.COM!

Divorcee, mother of three, fuck star

Posted on: July 01, 2016
Divorcee, mother of three, fuck star

Cami Cline, a 42-year-old divorcee from Florida, looks like she's ready for action in her stockings, garter and heels. Actually, what makes us think she's ready for action is that she can't keep her hands off her guy's crotch.

"What you got down there for me?" Cami says.

"A little surprise," he says.

"A little surprise?" Cami says. "I like big surprises. Feels like that little surprise you brought me is getting bigger."

It turns out to be a big, hard surprise that Cami takes in her mouth and cunt, and her reward is a load of porn stud cum all over her pretty face.

Cami is 5'8" tall and weighs 128 pounds. Her measurements are a sexy 34C-26-35. She's divorced. She's a mother of three. She has a very nice, direct approach to sex.

"I love blowing him then just getting on top of him and having my way," she said.

We're sure she's never had a complaint.

Divorcee, mother of three, fuck star

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Ass Cream For Christina

Posted on: June 29, 2016
Ass Cream For Christina

After she juggles her 38G zeppelins up-close for him, Christina Kline's booty-call Sergio is ready to tackle the chesty redhead with his weapon drawn. If it's a showdown she wants, it's a showdown she'll get. Christina does not just give him an introductory blow job. She totally worships his rod down to the root, washing every millimeter with her tongue, cleaning his cock with expert licks. Christina has had a lot of practice with oral pleasuring. Her veiny danglehangers shake and jiggle as her mouth engulfs the shaft. Sergio holds her head as she swallows his cockhead and holds his cock for her so she can play oral games. He asks if she is ready for action. Christina happily nods and removes her panties. She scoots over and he lays back so she can mount his saddle cowgirl-style and ride in a hot and sweaty bout. Christina wants her ass fucked while her pussy is being filled sideways so Sergio unplugs and re-plugs into her butthole. The thrusts into her asshole drive her crazy as she diddles her clit, doubling her excitement. She wants his jizz injected into her tailpipe. Here's a girl who knows what she likes! Ass cream for dessert! This truly was a booty call.

Ass Cream For Christina

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Krystal Rose - "I like to get off every day...somehow."

Posted on: June 27, 2016

Lives: Miami, Florida; Occupation: Student; Age: 20; Born: April 29; Ht: 5'3"; Wt: 120 pounds; Bras: 34A; Panties: Usually go commando; Anal: Definitely! BJs: Always swallow, baby; Diddle: Pretty much every day!

"I'm a very sexual person," said Krystal. "If I can have sex and get off every day, then I'm happy. I love getting it on with girls just as much as with guys. It's even better when it's a threesome with one of each to play with and we can use toys. My best sex ever was with a couple when he was fucking my butthole and she was fucking my vagina with a strap-on. I came and came and came! Getting onto the website is something else I can cross off my 'fuckit list'." Check out her photos, too.

See More of Krystal Rose at SCOREHD.COM!

Skyy Black - The BIGGEST Anal Slut EVER

Posted on: June 23, 2016

Skyy Black has no time for small talk. She just has time for one thing and that's the dick. That's why when this scene starts, she is already on her knees giving this guy a sloppy, loud blowjob. You see, her friend is in the other room getting fucked, too, and Skyy is hell-bent on getting louder and nastier than she is. She sucks this cock like she is trying to drain it with just her mouth. Then she throws her fat, chocolate ass up in the air and dares this guy to pound her fat cunt until she cums. If you like a dirty talker, Skyy is your girl. She is hollering and cursing from the minute this guy gets the tip in. She gets pounded and then she is back to sucking cock and slurping up her cunt juice from this guy's rod. She gets that cock nice and wet and then she tells this guy to fuck her ass. And boy does he. He fucks the shit out of it and she loves every fucking stroke. If you want to see a real anal slut in action, look no further than Ms. Black. She is such a freak she gets her ass fucked and then cleans the cock off with her mouth! That's what we call a champion. When all is said and done, Skyy gets the biggest load ever on her ass and then she shows us all how happy she is about making that cum-covered ass clap!


See More of Skyy Black at SCOREHD.COM!

Oils Well

Posted on: June 21, 2016
Oils Well

What Jasmine Shiraz does so well: A) Shakes her natural sweaterbumpers up and down and side to side with exceptional, kinetic skills. She could operate an Xbox Kinect with her boobs. A man could watch this for hours; B) Self-sucks and self-licks her nipples beautifully and with excellent oral talents; C) Oils like a Renaissance artist. Jasmine must breastnotize 'em at the Jersey shore during the summer when she reaches for the suntan oil bottle. It will be very easy to lose it completely during this fresh SCORELAND vid when a totally-oiled Jasmine lays her slick, slippery body on the bed, peels aside her sticky panties and begins to rub one out while playing with her natural 36F gifts, her eyes wide with horniness. For someone who's brand-new at this, Jasmine has natural talent. "When I was 18 or 19, there was no way I could do this, even though I thought about it. I've always liked to show off my boobs," Jasmine says. Better now than never! "It's been what I expected in terms of what I'm doing, but I thought it would be a lot easier," said Jasmine who logged into SCORELAND to see what the girls do before she contacted us. As you can see, the sultry brunette girl-next-door is a quick study! Thank you, Jasmine Shiraz!

Oils Well

See More of Jasmine Shiraz at SCOREHD.COM!

Panty Sniffing

Posted on: June 20, 2016
Panty Sniffing

"My boyfriend loves it when my panties get wet. He takes them off me and smells them, and that makes me even wetter. I don't think that sniffing panties is weird. It turns me on. Sometimes after he sniffs my undies, he puts them on my face so I can see what my own coochy smells like. Now I understand why he always wants to have his face buried in my coochy. It smells so awesome and delicious!"

Panty Sniffing

See More of Alexis Adams at SCOREHD.COM!

Sexy Pussies Like Hot Cream

Posted on: June 16, 2016
Sexy Pussies Like Hot Cream

Eva Notty has it all and one of the great things about her is that she likes to share all of it. That's why she first came to SCORE in May 2009 and we knew it from the start. That's also why April '12 SCORELAND calendar girl Eva's never left the top 20 rated SCORELAND models list. J.C. wants some of what Eva has while the getting is good in "Sexy coochies Like Hot Cream." He makes a head-dive right for Eva's nipples and then to her clit and pussy to lick and suck her wet. She repays tit for tata by giving him a blow job. His giant shaft is too big to get all the way down her throat but it tucks well inside her cleavage when Eva's tit-fucked. Eva wants her pussy filled. The build-up has worked her up. She really loves fucking and it always shows. The camera becomes another piece of furniture as she gets lost in the act of being fucked. Every inch of the cock gets inside her pussy-hole. It sucks it in, wanting every inch rubbing against her pink walls. Eva warms up with a cowgirl ride that allows gravity to open and fill her pussy completely. Following that, they move to a doggie position that hard-hits all of Eva's sweet spots as she's drilled to the hilt. Then they flip to missionary until it's time for desert. Last time, in "Licky Licky Sticky Sticky," Eva's mouth was nutted. Today's a serving of creamed pie. Eva provides the pie, J.C. the cream. Sexy coochies like hot cream.

Sexy Pussies Like Hot Cream

See More of Eva Notty at SCOREHD.COM!

Molly Sets the Bar for Fucking

Posted on: June 15, 2016
Molly Sets the Bar for Fucking

Molly may be one of the horniest teens we've ever seen. She starts off this scene by gagging on a cock so much that it makes her eyes water. You can't fake that kind of stuff! You can hear all the squishy noises from this blow job as this huge cock invades the back of Molly's throat. When it comes to fucking, Molly sets the bar for how all teen girls should fuck: loudly and enthusiastically. In fact, when Molly was shooting this scene her moans could be heard throughout the whole office. Now you'll get to see what we heard!

Molly Sets the Bar for Fucking

See More of Molly Bennett at SCOREHD.COM!

Tits & Tugs

Posted on: June 13, 2016
Tits & Tugs

Anjii Ross has just debuted at SCORELAND and looks poised for top-shelf popularity. A super-Amazonian winner of the sweatermeat lottery, she is sure to be a hit among magazine readers too. Anjii's 45 natural inches of mountainous mounds ensures that. "I was always the bustiest girl in school," says Anjii, whose bustline developed early and kept on expanding and surpassing any other girl she's ever known. Blessed by the magic wand of the boob-gene fairy, Anjii says she feels lucky to have such naturally magnificent and bouncy bazooms. She has hooters that no millionaire's checkbook could ever buy. "I love the attention I get because of my boobs and I dress to show them off," says Anjii, busty and proud of it. When Anjii was invited to model, she originally was going to do what so many have done the first time and fly solo, go pink and go digital. However, when she arrived, Anjii said "I am the best titty fucker ever." And now you'll get to see that because the lure of the tug job beckoned her and its grip was too strong to let go. When Anjii smiles and looks into your eyes while she is palming your junk and holding it between her colossal cleavage, nestling it deep with her boob valley in this pud-pounding performance, the escape valve on your steam pipe must explode.

Tits & Tugs

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High-Sugar Sex

Posted on: June 09, 2016
High-Sugar Sex

Please meet and greet Sadie Blooms, a huge-boobed beauty who contacted and wanted to join SCORE's galaxy of bra-stretching lovelies. And she wanted to fuck too. Today's new models do not wait weeks, months or years and there is no one trying to hold them back from total, personal sexpression. How lucky are you, SCORE Man? How did Sadie even know about SCORE? "It was because of my boob-loving friend," Sadie told us. "He loves you and urged me to connect with you." Sadie is one of those fortunate girls who sprouted as a teen and now rips the tape at 38G. She likes to play tennis and watch her favorite teams, the Eagles and the Phillies. Sadie's goal in life is to enter a triathlon because "it would be such an accomplishment." This is worrisome because of the dangers involved. Sadie could lose breast-size training for this grueling event and the very thought of this is stressing us out. Sadie's first magazine appearance is December '12 SCORE but you're seeing her here first in an exclusive release "High-Sugar Sex." Dressed in a skimpy bra, panties and heels, Sadie greets her sex-date with a cleavage full of whipped cream decorated by a strawberry. What a high-calorie dessert! After licking that up, she sprays whipped cream on his cock, he sprays it on her vagina, and they both lick up the sweet creamy goodness. For the main course, Sadie is fucked good and hard. Marvel at her magnificence as her boobs bounce and shake with each in-and-out stroke! Welcome to the universe of busty angels, Sadie Blooms!

High-Sugar Sex

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Nadia Vixen - Bad Girls Get Rewarded

Posted on: June 08, 2016
Bad Girls Get Rewarded

The title of today's titty tale at is "Bad Girls Get Rewarded." The recipient of this rewarding award is Miss Nadia Vixen, a brand new babe from Texas, home to many famed bra-busters.

Nadia was the bustiest girl in school. "I was!" says Nadia. "They called me Big Boobs McGee like in the movie Big Daddy." We've heard this before from other chesty girls and it's boobage jealousy, a common syndrome among girls with A and B cups.

Nadia tells us she likes spanking and is getting into soft bondage. She masturbates regularly and prefers clit stimulation not insertion.

Any special talents? "I am a trained violinist. I've been playing since I was nine."

Does she dress to emphasize her chest or does she low-key her boobs? "I don't purposely try to get attention but since I have a small waist I have to wear stretchy material as to not get lost in my clothes." Our friend Daphne Rosen calls this the "tent" effect. Nadia buys her bras at Frederick's of Hollywood. "I gave up on Victoria's Secret."

We found Nadia on a model search site and invited her over to roll after seeing her 41 inches of glory. She not only was eager to spread her wings, she also opened her legs for a hard SCORE scene with one of the hired cock-slingers.

Nadia's introduction to this gentleman is classic. She bends over him while he's sitting on a couch. Her big boobs are encased in a tight, low-cut cardigan. He eyes her ample cleavage.

"You like these big titties?" Nadia asks. "You gonna look at 'em all day or are you gonna take 'em out and suck on em?" Now that's someone who's ready for some action. A girl who wants it and wastes no time on invitations.

Nadia reaches down and squeezes his dick through his pants while he's manhandling her hooters. They remove her cardigan and bra so he can feast on her nipples and savor the rich flavor and taste.

Trou is dropped so Nadia can grip his cock and start sucking. She makes wet, slurpy, squishing sounds. It's a lip-smackin' good blow job! She holds her breasts together so he can fuck them.

Back into her mouth it goes for more cock sucking in a different position followed by a titty-cock massage. Nadia stands up and positions herself over him so she can sit on his pole to bump and grind. Her legs help to prop herself up higher as she rides his bucking bronco boner while he fingers her clit. Her riding intensifies.

Nadia likes it hard and fast!

Welcome to the big show, Nadia Vixen. Bad girls get rewarded.

Bad Girls Get Rewarded

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Destiny Williams - Manifest Destiny: Big, Black Cock!

Posted on: June 07, 2016
Manifest Destiny: Big, Black Cock!

"When I was 36, I hooked up with an 18-year-old," said 45-year-old Destiny Williams of Delaware. "He thought I was younger and I thought he was older. It was really flattering to think he liked me that much, but sexually, he had so much to learn. I enjoyed it, but it was very vanilla."

There's nothing vanilla about Destiny, who sucks and fucks a BBC and gets her vagina creamed in her first video suck 'n' fuck. For example, Destiny is into:

1. Being watched. "Knowing that people are watching me, imagining that they are fucking me, is hot. I think about them getting aroused watching me, and that makes me even hotter. I was a dancer on and off for about 20 years, which most people I know still don't know. I was also a teacher until a few years ago."

2. Anal sex. "Face down, ass up is my favorite. I promise to come back and do an anal scene." We're gonna hold her to that promise.

3. Rough sex. "I like it a little rough. A little choking, some good, hard swats on my ass. That's real romance. Spanking, biting, rough sex, hair-pulling...I'm into all of that."

4. Women. "Women are soft and sensual. Very different from men. I like the feel of their skin, their soft kisses, the taste of their coochies."

Yes, she's married. Yes, she's a mom. Yes, she's one of the horniest women who has ever walked into our studio. We'd say fucking on-camera was Destiny's destiny.

Manifest Destiny: Big, Black Cock!

See More of Destiny Williams at SCOREHD.COM!

Felicia Clover - Felicia gets her pale posterior pounded

Posted on: June 06, 2016
Felicia gets her pale posterior pounded

White girls with bootys like Felicia Clover's are hard to find, so when we found her, we knew what we wanted to do. Now, this scene starts with Felicia's man playing with her big boobs, and we can't blame him for that. Felicia has F-cup naturals, and girls with boobs like that aren't easy to find, either. But, before long, Felicia gets on all fours, and that's when the real action starts. He plays with her twat, which is already wet, then moves his attention to her asshole. Felicia turns around lies back and spreads her legs, and he preps her asshole with a butt-plug. Preps her asshole for what? An ass-fucking, that's what. Yep, this 20-year-old pale pounder is going to get her big, white ass pounded.

"I am 20-years-old," Felicia said. "I live in Las Vegas and I am a cam model. Oh, and I have a golden retriever who is the love of my life. I really like doing outdoorsy stuff, so since Vegas is so hot, I like to go swimming a lot. That's for sure. And sometimes I have sex while driving or when I am at the movies. I am a nice bad girl."

Great. She gets fucked in her ass. Do you really care if she's nice or not?

Didn't think so.

Felicia gets her pale posterior pounded

See More of Felicia Clover at SCOREHD.COM!

Bigger Isn't Always Better

Posted on: June 01, 2016
Bigger Isn't Always Better

Elizabeth loves pretty bras, but her boobs are so small that none of them fit her. "I can barely fill out a training bra!" she says. While browsing a lingerie store, she mentions her problem to the sales associate, and he offers to take her measurements for a custom bra. One thing leads to another and he's sucking on her mosquito bites in the fitting room. If anyone can rock a flat chest, it's Elizabeth. But for having such tiny boobs, she has one hell of a succulent ass. This bitty-boobed babe also loves sucking cock. She spits on it, spreads her saliva around with her hand, then works every inch of this guy's shaft down her mouth. She's also an enthusiastic lay, slapping her ass down on the sales associate's pelvis while she rides his cock. See it for yourself!

Bigger Isn't Always Better

See More of Elizabeth Bentley at SCOREHD.COM!

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